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Intelligent Solutions for Automated Decline Curve Analysis

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When evaluating well behavior and forecasting well and field production, decline curve analysis (DCA) is one of the most widely used forms of oil & gas production data analysis. Usually, this practice is done in a manual fashion, making the analysis very subjective and time consuming. In addition, most DCA studies are problematic when dealing with wells that have a limited production history while computing proper uncertainty ranges.

In this webinar, we present an automated solution for DCA that applies advanced computational algorithms coupled with data-driven methods to generate unbiased, robust decline curves on a well-by-well basis for any given field or portfolio. Our expert will present a solution that will allow you to:

Key learning objectives:

  • Apply an automated, unbiased, and systematic DCA to any number of wells
  • Generate smart type curves using unsupervised learning techniques
  • Provide robust predictions and uncertainty quantification for wells and fields using advanced nonlinear optimization algorithms combined with probabilistic methods
  • Perform DCA on 10,000 wells in less than 5 minutes
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