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A fully automated DCA Solution

SpeedWise® Decline Curve

Scalable and Fully Automated Secure Cloud-Based SaaS Solution Collaborative Framework

SpeedWise® Decline Curve (SDC)  is a unique, cloud-based SaaS solution that applies advanced computational algorithms coupled with data-driven methods to generate robust decline curves on a well-by-well basis for any given field or portfolio. With SDC, technical teams and planning departments are able to greatly streamline the process of decline curve analysis. Allow more time to focus on result interpretation by leveraging SDC’s fully automated capabilities, with flexible parameter selection and adjustments. The patented numerical engine and machine learning-based type curving substantially reduces the time for estimating ultimate recovery while performing unbiased and systematic analysis to any number of wells. 

SDC deploys an Augmented AI approach to the problem of decline curve analysis. Using cutting-edge technologies and patented algorithms in combination with expert-based workflows, SDC allows for DCA methods to be intelligently applied to any number of wells in an unbiased, systematic, and automated fashion.

Key Features:

  • Fully automated event detection and interpretation of outlying data
  • Cross-validation with operational data
  • Model fitting that results in best base forecast
  • Enhance productivity with improved collaboration
  • Facilitate risk management associated to reserve estimates with Uncertainty Quantification
  • Improve ability to predict wells with limited production data using Machine Learning
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