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Digital Transformation via Augmented AI

QRI's SpeedWise® Galaxy is the Oil and Gas industry's answer to applicable AI, and properly constraining machine learning challenges with fundamental physics and engineering principles. The platform hosts a suite of solutions designed empower asset teams by providing a multidisciplinary view of reservoirs, using automation and integration of workflows to deliver a deep understanding of a company's oil and gas assets - paving the way to optimized field development plans.

SpeedWise® Galaxy suite is designed to assist operators to implement a practical digitalization plan:

  • Oriented toward Reservoir Management: superior results with wholistic view
  • Value Creation: “Battle-tested" and highly pragmatic
  • Speed: Accelerate time-to-value by 90%
  • Accuracy/Risk Mitigation: explore 100s of scenarios
  • Augmented-AI Driven: data-driven + physics
  • Collaborative: enables data access anytime/anywhere

SpeedWise® is revolutionizing the way asset teams work.













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