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Automated Machine Learning for Everyone.

SpeedWise® ML


SpeedWise® ML can be used by any company or organization that has data that is not yet fully exploited. This technology is applicable to any industry or sector, and it simply requires uploading an input data table (e.g., a .csv file) to start triggering thousands of machine learning models.

The Benefits of Using SpeedWise® ML:

  • Easy access and deployment of machine learning capabilities across your organization.
  • Smart data processing gives you the ability to easily generate 1000s of machine learning models, automatically.
  • Collaborative platform to maximize the power of machine learning within teams.
  • Get the answers and also the reasons behind those answers, using our built-in explainable machine learning module.
  • Unveil hidden trends and patterns from data, offering new solutions or opportunities within your organization that were not visible before. 
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